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Justhost Introduction


Justhost has been in the industry of web hosting since 1998. Is between hosters that are dedicated to providing our customers with a reliable and fast hosting service at affordable prices.


With them a single piano-only-they offer several features that they take should be sufficient for customers to choose their services.


We would also like to point out that JustHost has received numerous awards for their services: guest of the year 2010, best features and best hosting 2009 Pick-2010.


Justhost provides users with your own free domain name or may transfer a free domain. There is also the ability to host unlimited domains cPanel account lets you manage all sites on a single server in one place.


According to JustHost their Web hosting features are tightly integrated with a custom control panel and make it easy to work with and improve a site. So easy to use, provides other services that installs the application, creating templates, and more.


Technical support and troubleshooting is required, JustHost offers 3 contact methods to get 24/7-email, chat and telephone. In case you wish to cancel your hosting account, they promise to give back your money for the rest of the term at any time. The provider indicates also that there is no setup fee or domain registration fees fall behind.




Justhost hosting plans


Justhost offers a fairly typical shared hosting plan, which aims at the end of the budget web hosting market. Is the type of hosting that is ideal for running scripts and resources such as e-commerce sites lightweight blogging software.


The company offer Linux as the operating system and the only progress on basic shared hosting plan is an option of dealer. In this regard, there is little to distinguish them from their peers.


Most of the functions of their plan of sharing is unlimited, and the prices just below offer is obtained by subscribing to a long-term plan (36 months or more).


Justhost offers no clouds of hosting, preferring to maintain its hosting for databases that only packages.


Although host only the storage capacity of your MySQL database, the host, subdomains and limits is confident that his powers are quite large for most of its customers. The company offers an unlimited data, but this move has nothing to do with the speed and performance of your website.


Memory and the use of information technology are affecting the loading time of your site. The host does not give a final number as the flags of the company that your site is to reach the threshold; However, if you exceed the host Allots only resources, your site can be slowed down intentionally moved down, or you may be prompted to upgrade your plan.


.If you find that your site is on shared server tight where it resides, you have the opportunity to go to one of the other two floors. Improvements include fewer limitations and other resource allocations, among other functions.



Justhost Uptime/Downtime


Justhost does not issue a guarantee of availability on their website, although the site says that their team is monitoring their equipment 24/7. If you are not satisfied with the availability, you may cancel and receive a refund for the remainder of the term of your hosting plan. A blog post from 2010 guarantee 99.5% uptime with advice, although this seems to have been transferred on the main site.


The enterprise data center is located in Chicago, he. Little information is available on the data center on their website, the exact specifications of their equipment (and providing backup) remain a mystery. In an interview in 2009, product manager Luke Kendall has detected that your installation has more than 2,000 servers and four technicians on site at any time.



Justhost support


In addition to support 24/7 phone only offers service support team hosts is available via chat and email all day too. Wait time live chatting a bit long compared to other Web host that we tried, but once we have connected with a member of the support staff, we found the help you were looking for.


The company also provides articles in Help Center to assist you with topics like creating an account on the website and e-mail, change your primary domain and using your SSH (secure shell). video tutorial will give you a visual way to learn how to manage your email accounts, install WordPress and redirect Web pages, among other things.



JustHost Control Panel


The Starter shared hosting plan gives you complete control over your website through cPanel, the standard site control panels market. The provision of tools is clean and simple.


Just Host gives you the ability to create your own website using popular content management systems like WordPress or Drupal, or using the Web Builder website hosting service. Create a website was easy, and once we hit the publish button, was only a few minutes before our website was managed.


If you need to add a shopping cart or to accept credit cards, you can do on a common level offers (Secure Socket SSL) that host. You can also get your website and your business or blog name out there with advertising company credits include.



Justhost Extras


Each shared hosting plan client can register a free domain registration.


Free advertising credits are also available: new users in the United Kingdom will get £ 30 Google Adwords program, although in United States, Europe, Canada and Australia has risen to $ 100. Customers in both territories receive a credit of $ 50 for Bing and Yahoo! ads.


Customers can quickly install common scripts (including Wordpress, Joomla, e-commerce and messageboards tools) using SimpleScript, another advantage of a single account JustHost.



Justhost money back guarantee/cancellation Policy


Cancellation policy JustHost is quite simple. If you are not satisfied with the service, and to cancel an account, you will receive a full refund for the months that you haven't used. If you cancel within the first 30 days, you will receive a full refund, no quibble.


Cancellations may be made by phone, chat, or card, but you will need to provide your account contact details are updated before contacting the support team.


One-off account fees and domain name costs are not included in the refund policy (for example, the domain name that was originally ' free ' is a benefit of the account and pay $ 14.99 on clearing).


Refunds are issued through the original payment method. If you paid by credit card, you will receive your refund by credit card. If you paid by check or PayPal, the refund will be sent in the same way. "Don't forget to pick out domain names ' automatic renewal ' If you're going to let them expire.



Jushhost Safety


The security of the site is available in various forms, such as SSL and SSH, which are two features Host only offers its hosting shared input. The host also saves the servers and backups are available to you in case of problems-you just have to call tech support to have access to them



Justhost Summary


Justhost offer a basic plan which is suitable for individuals and small businesses, and slightly dealer option extends the range. However, there is not much information about the company on their website and also find the location of their offices has been a test.


It seems that since the acquisition, JustHost have changed the focus to provide interaction (through social media and their blog, for example) to focus only on the hosting, support and domains.


This isn't necessarily a bad thing-chains of support services are there if you need it-but it certainly makes the brand more generic and less personal than in the past. This could be a problem if you feel that you need help with housing problems.


If you are looking for a business class hosting, JustHost are probably not the right choice. However, if you need a low cost, unlimited hosting package, which are not critical for the company, will probably not be the spirit of the no frills approach.




Justhost Coupons


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