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Ipage Hosting Introduction


Ipage has been in the industry for hosting the website since 1998. They claim that they are known as one of the best Web hosting company that provides a solution for businesses and organizations, hosting for social and personal needs and promises to offer to its customers a good flexibility.


Depending on the provider, has six locations worldwide, serves clients in 150 countries and more than 1 million websites. ipage considers three important things for clients-web sites, e-mail, and security.


Ipage promise to give enough functionality to create good sites and provide security for them and for visitors to the site (due to a special security suite) and also to have an email that works well and spamless.


Ipage claims to be a green web hosting company. To fully compensate the energy consumption, the provider indicates that he has acquired the renewable energy certificates and thus reduced its carbon footprint.


Therefore iPage can ensure that their clients websites are 100% powered by wind energy.




Ipage Hosting plans


Offered by iPage Web hosting services are fairly simple. It's hard to find much information.


The best plan is hosting websites, and it seems that the service is oriented to non-techies. For a monthly plan iPage website hosting offers unlimited MySQL databases and fields, as well as "loads" of disk space and bandwidth.


The company does not specify how much, but the State on their site that the vast majority of their customers fall within normal limits and all who probably uses their web hosting space for something it shouldn't do (such as file sharing). The ToS States that "normal operation" of a website will have no problem, but if you need space, iPage guarantees may not be the best option.


To dig deep into the technical details, you must click on the "features for geeks of the link on the page of the hosting features. This does not reveal much. Specifications, we hypothesize that offer Linux hosting, but the word "Linux" displayed on the page or even in their knowledge base.


Note that the prices they have introductory rates; turnover rates are higher.


The iPage website claims that the company also offers shared hosting on Windows 2003 Server. When I followed the link, I am a 404 page, it's probably safe to assume that it has been discontinued. Similarly, their VPS hosting link took me to a 404, then new page, it seems that they no longer offer VPS hosting.


I also found a reference to reseller hosting, but this link took me to a different hosting companies, JustHost. Reseller plans offer Cpanel.


Plans do not appear to offer Zend Optimizer or Zen Cart.


There are the basic features required for the essential plan iPage as bandwidth and unlimited disk space. In addition, the company offers unlimited subdomains, parked domains and e-mail accounts.


What is limited, as with any shared hosting plan, is the use of computational and memory. ipage does not allow you to view statistics of CPU usage, so there is no way to keep an eye on how your site requires that the server on which it is hosted. We also found that the unlimited disk space actually has a limit of 25 GB, support staff.


Ipage has 2 data centers in the region of Massachusetts, Boston. They consist of 800 servers and half a Petabyte of storage placed on approximately 2500 square feet of space.


IPage network infrastructure has a pool that is supposed to do any server on the company Web site files are accessible to clients, and then give a site fast loading time and less downtime.


IPage hosting architecture consists of two Big Iron load balancers and server divided into application pool (for example FTP, Web, Inbox). This makes it possible to each box for higher density and thus provide reliable hosting services.




Ipage Hosting Uptime/Downtime


Sites created by iPage customers are accommodated in two data centers in Boston. Through both facilities, have 800 Dell servers. 24 hour protection every Datacenter delivers 24, N + 1 AC and DC and both have identical infrastructure.


Customer data is mirrored on clustered servers to protect against downtime, and have even backup UPS and diesel generators were also.


There is no information about availability, and do not claim to have a guarantee of uptime. Their servers are backed up daily using NetApp snapshots.




Ipage Hosting support


We hit a small dam when we signed up for the Web shared hosting plan. Register for an online account was an obstacle. Through a live chat, we were told that we need to provide a copy of an identity document which found the name on the credit card, which could be an excellent security measure or a huge drawback, depending on your perspective.


Ultimately, we called customer service of iPage and agent that we talked about does not need an ID, and we were able to make the purchase.


We took an average of live chat to waiting times, and that the average came out of 12 minutes for initial contact, followed by an average of three minutes between responses. The company owns iPage outsources its support staff and actions the team among a dozen other hosts on our Web.


The Web hosting service provides access to a comprehensive knowledge base that covers a multitude of topics. In addition to account management, you can learn how to build your website using some of the most popular content management systems like Joomla and WordPress. You can also learn how to submit your site to Google manually, how to configure your Web site to accept credit card payments online and how to market your website.


Unlike most other hosting companies, iPage is very clear the path of their support team. All employees are found in North America. They boast that the calls are answered about a minute, 24/7.


Even if the media is free, users can update the high-end support for a hefty price. This accelerates time to resolution, but the expense is worth balance compared to other hosts.


Support Center, although relatively rare, is accessible to all customers and not customers, with a range of Blogs and tutorials in the knowledge base. I've found them to be the basis, although some of the video tutorials for applications such as their file Manager, Joomla and WordPress (CMS/blogging application) are enough to get you started if you're a beginner. Web hosting customer can also use the live chat or send tickets through an online system.




Ipage Hosting Control Panel


Control Panel about iPage is a custom application by using a combination of tools and scripts to present the information. Access to PhpMyAdmin is available, but you'll have to use iPage their control panel to get to it.


Help on the control panel in the knowledge base are basic at best ("for example, a search of raises ' control panel ' some articles about browser to use and how to find your way to the admin area-nothing more). There is no demonstration of work on the site, so it's hard to say at what point the control users have actually on things like PHP resources.


You have access to WordPress, Weebly and a basic website builder through the Control Panel selected iPage, vDeck. Whichever option you choose gives patterns from which he works and guides you through the steps to complete the design of your website.


If you use the Web Site Builder available via Yahoo! News, you can design as many as nine free pages. We have tested and found that it was easy to use, but a bit slow and dated in its design and interface styles model. In addition, the Control Panel, vDeck seems to be limited and less user-friendly than the industry standard cPanel




Ipage Hosting Extras


New iPage customers are treated to a series of incentives, even if some of them undoubtedly are a standard feature of Web hosting services anyway.


Does a free security suite that includes a "highly secure data center ' and spam and malware daily analysis." This is pretty standard, although iPage and values at $ 100.


There is also a package of Marketing Suite that includes $ 100 in Google Adwords credit, $ 25 Yahoo!/Bing credit announcement, credit of $ 50 Facebook ads, a free plugin on YellowPages, common authentication and analysis software. ipage values at $ 300.


The third package is the Suite of support, which includes 24/7 phone, chat and email, tutorials and help.


This is a $ 50 value, questionable, since the aid is part of a hosting plan.


Finally, the Designer Suite is priced at $ 50 and basically covers the installation of scripts and software (Blogs, galleries, e-commerce Website Builder stores) and Google Webmaster Tools. Again, these are usually provided free of charge with other hosts.


In addition, any person to sign up for two or three years receive access to a free mobile app to the construction site, SiteDelux, complete with templates.




Ipage Hosting money back guarantee/cancellation Policy


30 days money guarantee policy is standard.


Domain fees non-refundable fee of $ 15 will be deducted from any refund if you have a domain from the host.


The warranty covers only Web hosting services and not further screw-ons.




Ipage Hosting Safety


What is lacking in the basic plan iPage are a couple of features planned for some people, such as SSH (secure shell), the website for backing up and restoring the site.


If the security of the site or anti-spam is important to you, then you need to pay extra for them.




Ipage Hosting's summary



Ipage is proud to be flexible and easy to use. However, the information on the website are reduced with a measure such that the detection of solid fact was actually quite difficult.


If you want a guaranteed technical support North America, iPage offer this (and they are proud of it). In the absence of dedicated or VPS plans-and explanations are readily available such as terms of Webmail-it seems that the company focuses mainly on personal activities, non-profit and small sites driven by people with low to medium resources requirements. The price is quite competitive.


The homepage of the site sells certainly iPage for people without prior experience, then iPage might be a good choice if you want a solid support and a guarantee without the technical jargon. Remember that the Premium support is quite expensive.


Ipage offered them cheap solution for novice users hosting and top of the range for more than 10 years and then claim to be committed to live to the customer. The company has a staff of 800 employees and serves customers in 6 locations worldwide.





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