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Interserver Hosting Introduction


Interserver was founded in 1999 and headquartered in United States, New Jersey. Has over 16 years of history. As technology continues to upgrade and interserver currently provides domain name registration, independent servers, Web hosting, VPS, servers, managed several major services. In 2006, interserver United States New Jersey set up the first private room now has a number of rooms around the world, covering more than 4000 customers.


IInterserver virtual host there is only New Jersey data center, VPS data center in New Jersey and Los Angeles, according to the official program also prepares opening data center specific time is not yet known. Interserver VPS we use more, compared with virtual hosts, after all, have an independent IP, as well as better performance than virtual hosting.


Interserver appears to be privately owned and says that its core team has been with the company since its inception. It serves businesses of all sizes. Its hosting plans are aimed at business users.


Interserver VPS have 2 system architecture, KVM and OVZ, different schema according to the memory and hard drive flow below the 16 programmes, currently I am using the OVZ SLINCE1 512M, is enough for me to use. If you have other needs, you can purchase KVM programme, framework and better stability than OVZ.





Interserver Hosting plans



Interserver divides its plans for housing in different categories. Interserver goal seems to be the VPS hosting. That's where most of the options are.


We intervene through its hosting packages in the order in which they are advertised on the site.


Essentially, Web hosting is shared, but is titled cloud web hosting on the product page. All resources are unlimited bandwidth, mail, database and disk space. Customers can host unlimited domains.


Reseller hosting is a fraction of a fairly standard product in five variants. Bandwidth and disk space are measured. Interestingly, MySQL is installed on SSD for faster performance.


Cloud VPS hosting can be purchased on OpenVZ, KVM, Linux or Windows and in a data center or the West Coast from the East Coast. Price is established in "slices", with a slider that allows customers to select the resources that they need. Prices do not include handling, but only for software that is installed by Interserver or through Control Panel.


Dedicated hosting is available in two separate plans: fast and smooth dedicated server. There are few dedicated basic plans that can be configured; Fast servers are not available at the time of this review.


Interserver also offers colocation at its New Jersey data centre. Interserver businesses to provide shared hosting, VPS, and RESELLER hosting products, as a webmaster, we use many shared hosting and VPS, but what should we choose?


But only a shared host New Jersey data center, and VPS hosting in Los Angeles and New Jersey choose, compare speed, Dimitri suggesting that we select the virtual host or VPS hosting recommendations are as follows:


First, ease of use


If we are a novice webmaster will not use VPS, virtual host or facilitate use, CPANEL panel management can, after all, Japanese, tutorial and more, even if we use the overseas host that is more simple operations.


Second, try VPS


If we want to try VPS hosting, of course, take into account the speed of Los Angeles, after all, we built there are more VPS and INTERSERVER rates for only $ 6/month VPS and independent more than shared hosting IP. So if we want to try to learn VPS, and can even be installed on VPS Panel, you can try to buy VPS.


Third, the VPS difference


VPS OVZ and KVM is the difference, says many people mistakenly OVZ must be low level, endorsement of overbooking, you know what? it's not mainly lies in the control of businesses, if good business management and control, OVZ architecture is also a very good run. Right now m is OVZ-use programmes.




Interserver Hosting Uptime/Downtime


Interserver provides a guarantee of 100 percent availability power on roommate. With regard to the guarantee of availability: well, it's confusing. There is a 99.9% uptime guarantee on VPS plans. Data Center features page, the operating time is quoted as being from 99.5 percent. This is rather low compared to other hosts.


Does not appear to be the availability of statistics on the site, even if there is a page of networking tools; He returned a 404 when I visited.


As mentioned at the beginning of the review, Intserver has its own data center in New Jersey and seem to rent space in a facility in California. Has a site data center, but the camera or applet not working when this review was written. There are some pics and specs, however. The data center is divided into two structures, each occupant 8000 square feet.


Features include HVAC, air conditioning, raised floors, biometric locks above his head, extinguishing fires and power ups.


I found information about backups in a forum post by June 2012, although I have no reason to believe that the information has changed. According to the post, shared and reseller hosting account backups daily, weekly and monthly basis. VPS and dedicated server plans are not saved.


A more recent blog post Intserver suggests that customers VPS using cPanel backup tool:




Interserver Hosting support


Support is provided via a web portal, and support staff seems to be based on the inside. There are a (very small) knowledgebase, a forum and a ticket system. Some of the resources listed in the portal, as troubleshooting doesn't link to anything.


Telephone support is available 24/7, and there is also a live support chat feature which is 24/7. On our support site, there is a news blog, which is actually more than one blog hosting in General, as well as a variety of social media links.




Interserver Hosting Control Panel


Intserver offers cPanel Linux plans; Is an add-on paid with VPS plans, as might be expected, and you'll need to use the right Linux distribution. Users can also use DirectAdmin. Windows doesn't come with a control panel.



Interserver Hosting Extras


Interserver gifts does not differ much from other hosting providers. shared hosting customers can use a website creation tool and benefit from a range of one-click installers (WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, SMF, etc.). There is no marketing or advertising on tender credits.



Interserver Hosting money back guarantee/cancellation Policy


Interserver offers a 30 day money back guarantee on only shared hosting plans. dedicated server, VPS and colocation clients requesting a refund before their servers put in place.


Plans are billed monthly and there is no long term contracts or departure taxes: If you want to exit, cancel and you will not be charged after the month is up.




Interserver Hosting Safety


The feature out of competition and part of what makes this the best Web hosting service, free domain for life. Obviously, this is supposed to keep the subscription to the company as possible, but having to pay for your domain until you are a member is an added bonus.


When you use a shared server, the security of the site definitely takes a hit. boot tops not only offer the protection that the dedicated server box. However, only you will not be left vulnerable.


Interserver makes good use of SSH, which allows you to access your account remotely after being authenticated by a two-step, password-protected connection. Arvixe also uses shared SSL, which adds security and encryption for all URLs that you have.




Interserver Hosting's summary



Interserver seems to have settled in its niche, and clearly has the technical infrastructure to see themselves as established. I believe that much of the turnover comes from room for rent in the center of New Jersey's data. This is reflected in the fact that the supporting material is a little light and the little details — such as the guarantee of availability — always are not advertised. Packets are distinctive, but they are affordable and was impressed with the scalability of its VPS hosting plans.





Interserver Hosting Coupons



Interserver hosting: $.01 for the first months Web hosting.

Coupon code currently gives $.01 per slice for Webhosting and OpenVZ VPS. KVM VPS (windows) will be 20% off. Web Hosting: $.01 for the first months Web hosting. VPS and Cloud: $.01 per VPS Slice









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