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Inmotion Hosting Introduction


InMotion Hosting was founded in 2001, and according to their website has become a leader in the field of professional web hosting.


InMotion Hosting is proud to be a certified hosting provider CNET for 10 years and say they are the winner of numerous awards and recognitions for their services that include enterprise shared hosting, VPS and dedicated server solutions.


InMotion Hosting is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and are proud to have a rating of + attributed to their business.



Inmotion Hosting plans


InMotion Hosting offers Linux web hosting, but they offer a range of packages that cover all the bases pretty complete. In this review, keep in mind that the value of the class and business class are named after InMotion Hosting for shared hosting.


Category value is not promoted on the site, but it is there. Is an incredibly simple that has certain limitations and limited features. Category value is not so much on the site, and you will probably find that the Business Class is a better option.

There are three business plans of different class: launch, power and Pro.


Only the Pro offers unlimited possibilities for different site domain and unlimited plan FTP. unlimited disk space and bandwidth is included on all business class plans. They are still accessible from the competition, even if they are at right angles to the budget market.


In terms of dedicated and VPS plans, InMotion offers all the top-spec options you would expect. Many support information is available for new users, including help on installation of Django (this costs extra however). A VPS package is ideal for those wishing to become a retailer InMotion.


InMotion Hosting server CentOS Linux to run on all floors. The company does not offer hosting clouds at the time of writing this review.


Enterprise shared hosting options are very flexible, and there are three plans to choose from: launch, power and Pro. There is a clear difference in price that reflects the bandwidth, disk space and security features.


Although the lower storey, launch package manages to be one of the best shared hosting in our range. Each account holder can control up to two sites. You are also allowed to host 25 subdomains and six parked domains.


Unlimited can be a difficult word in the web hosting industry, but needs what it means is a number greater than 95 percent of the user base. By this definition, this Web hosting service offers unlimited disk space, bandwidth and email account.


InMotion clearly has confidence in their product, since it provides the money the longer return period of 90 days warranty. We tested this Declaration and have not been hassled by sales on the cancellation. The only thing that has not been redeemed is the initial cost of a domain, which is $ 15.




Inmotion Hosting Uptime/Downtime


InMotion Hosting offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and their high-performance network is controlled throughout the day by the staff and a proactive tool management system only. The company does not publish any data about their availability.


As mentioned in the introduction, customers who choose a VPS or Business Class may stay can choose data centers who wish to use to host their site. There is one located on the side is in the United States and another on the West Coast.


The InMotion hosting site, you can download dummy files to find the one that will provide the best rates for you. In addition, customers benefit from very fast speed in some areas. InMotion Hosting calls these areas Max speed zones.


InMotion Hosting has N + 1 or N + 2 battery and diesel power backup in place and a network of BG4P to protect against hardware failures. All backup servers every 36 hours.




Inmotion Hosting support


This is one of the best Web hosting provider for ongoing customer support. The offer of unlimited phone support 24/7 Web hosting providers, email and chat. Other resources available include video tutorials, faqs, a knowledge base and user forums where you can ask questions and provide feedback on the service with other users of InMotion. You cannot take advantage of the priority support unless you are connecting to a higher package.


To test the quality of your support staff, we used the discussion two and telephone support options to live. We voluntarily pushed the hosting package to its limits and called on all issues that have been raised.


While many of its competitors simply sought to upsell to more expensive programs, the representative of InMotion pulled up our Bill and we said exactly what the problem was. We were impressed with the knowledge of officials, and were able to answer our questions almost instantly.


If you have ever had a crash for no reason, you know there's nothing more annoying than trying to get a service and knowledge that turned bad. Waiting to live chat can really test your patience. However, we took an average of success more attempts to reach a knowledgeable person.


The average time for a live chat came out less than three minutes. It takes into account the extent of advanced hours, night and the early hours after midnight. InMotion has code fast and helpful staff.




Inmotion Hosting Control Panel


InMotion Hosting provides users Business Class package with Cpanel 11, which is set for free on all floors, one and two years. CPanel provides all the usual features such as webmail, e-mail settings, FTP login information, DNS configuration, the newspapers and the addon domains, and is relatively easy to implement Google Apps and Gmail for your domain.


VPS service also offers Cpanel WHM 11, but also to make it easier to manage multiple entities or clients.dedicated server customers are given a free license for Cpanel and WHM at no additional cost.


In terms of billing, InMotion Hosting provides a Management Committee of the account through a different logon screen. This is an additional layer of management and provides tools for users to manage their domains, change their plans for hosting and access to billing through a login information.




Inmotion Hosting Extras


All users are provided with $ 100 in Google Adwords credits, and users in the United States are also given $ 75 credit on Bing and Yahoo Search-a reduction in profit if you've never used before. Shared hosting, in addition, clients receive a free domain name for one year.


As mentioned earlier, dedicated server users receive a free permanent license for Cpanel and WHM at no extra charge.


InMotion Hosting also provides great that gives users the ability to easily install and experiment with a wide range of applications and scripts.


Each can be installed in a few clicks. The selection includes WordPress, GeekLog, Joomla, Drupal and more. If you want to run Magento, you'll need to buy a dedicated floor o VPS.


Those who wish to build your own website from scratch can use InMotion Hosting Web Site Builder, a Web-based tool that can be used to create rich content and interactive features. This includes basic sites, Flash animations, Blogs, forums, galleries, e-commerce features and more than 500 templates and themes.




Inmotion Hosting money back guarantee/cancellation Policy


By default, there is no free trial. However, InMotion Hosting offers two levels of warranty if you want to cancel the service with the company and get your money back.


The first is a 90 day money back guarantee and 1 or 2 years applies to entries of business class Hotel and 6 or 12 month virtual dedicated signups. Monthly plans, 6 months or 12 months, packages and the value of the class, are eligible for a 30 day warranty period shorter.


As is normal with the guarantee, the domain name of this fee is not refundable. InMotion Hosting will be deducted the cost of the domain of your refund, plus a small administrative fee.


If you have used more than 500 mb of bandwidth, you may have to pay a surcharge.


For an action for annulment, you must fill out the form right on their website. If you ask to cancel via a normal support channel, such as support phone number, you will not be allowed to be sure to check the information on how to cancel via their support pages.




Inmotion Hosting Safety


InMotion Hosting ranks as one of the best Web hosting services for the high level of security that provides shared. The system analyzes incoming messages with spam filtering in real time.


In an industry where the basic e-mail accounts are not often gives the security level first email providers, InMotion has a great system.


This is one of the few webhosts provide any form of security, including SSL, SSH, certificate and site restoration. Also includes a solid state drive for improved performance and downtime.




Inmotion Hosting's summary



At the beginning of the review, we found that barely mentions the InMotion Hosting package worth category. At the end of the budget of the market are not their strength. This is more suitable for use in professional hosting company.


InMotion Hosting is a good choice if you have had a bad experience with a shared hosting, or has been placed on top of the range support instead of number one on the wish list. Similarly, if you have a need for speed, InMotion Hosting are worth checking out--especially if you are in the United States and you fall into one of their areas of maximum speed.


Their website is full of details and specifications, unlike some hosting companies that provide just the basics, and the gifts that they provide during registration are generally valuable.


New web hosting may feel a bit overwhelmed by a myriad of options, but if you are looking for a robust Web hosting plan that you might want to grow over time, InMotion Hosting are an excellent choice.





Inmotion Hosting Coupons



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