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Godaddy Introduction


GoDaddy is considered one of the biggest and best Web hosting companies in the world. They began in 1997 as Jomax technologies prepared by Bob Parsons. Now, the company operates in D.C., Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, as abroad-the Netherlands and Singapore. According to Go Daddy, have about 10 million customers.


GoDaddy is also known as a major ICANN accredited domain registrar (there are actually three of them all Go Daddy Group Properties). This allows the company to offer a variety of products and customer support 24/7.


GoDaddy provides various services from the website for cheap web hosting, domain name, Site Builder (hosting and free account including e-mail), serious solutions for companies and e-commerce sites.


GoDaddy said that don't deal with subcontractors. Own, run and support data centers that allows the company to provide customers with a high level of protection.


Among the facilities are safe, advanced systems and technologies, GoDaddy hardware redundancy of the network support staff on site.


GoDaddy has a growing number of large-scale data centers located in the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia, and their space now exceeds 70, 000 sq. Feet.


GoDaddy is proud of proprietary technologies and security allowing them to use no outsourcing and maintain complete control over all operations and security of customer data.




Godaddy Hosting plans


Domain name customers are offered InstantPage, but in terms of hosting, Go Daddy has four major Web hosting services. It is probably fair to say that Go Daddy Hosting priorities are firmly in the plans below cost price; Perhaps they are easier to sell with a purchase of domain name.


The package of Website Builder is designed for absolute beginners. Website is an equivalent of other hosting companies provide service of software SiteBuilder (and the kind of thing that you may have seen on sites like Weebly). Website Builder allows non technical clients to build a website using templates and drag-and-drop interactive forms.


The final product is limited to five pages on the economy, 10 pages on Deluxe floor and 999 pages on Premium. All floors have strict limits on resources, with the basic plan which offers a paltry 1 GB of disk space.


The next type of diet on the site is simply called Web Hosting and is equivalent to the shared hosting plans, we've looked at by other vendors. Guests have access to a Linux or Windows Server with a limited amount of space, the database allocation and e-mail.


There are three divisions in the Web hosting category: economy, Deluxe and Ultimate (the names are the same no matter what operating system you choose). Just ultimate is really close to providing unlimited resources, although the mail accounts are still limited. Note that the shared hosting plans do not support Java, and don't seem to offer reseller options.


For personal and small business sites GoDaddy offers affordable web hosting plans.


For more complicated solutions GoDaddy provides hosting (virtual private hosting) of virtual servers and dedicated server hosting.These services are used when a Web site's heavy traffic (such as that of a large company) and a more reliable vps hosting is required


Go Daddy offers dedicated and virtual servers at competitive prices, with a choice of operating system for both. VPS options are divided into five tranches of the price, with a choice of CentOS, Fedora or Windows operating systems. Dedicated servers are offered on six price ranges, with CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora and Windows to choose from.


GoDaddy cheap deals sites for personal and SME Web hosting plans. For more complex solutions GoDaddy provides with the virtual server that hosts (for virtual private hosting) and dedicated server hosting. These services are used when a site is high intensity of traffic (for example that of a large company) and a more reliable VPS hosting is necessary.


In addition, Go Daddy also offers lodging with a pay-as-you-use pricing clouds. Customers who choose to pay monthly in advance must commit to a fixed price.




Godaddy Hosting Uptime/Downtime


The data center to Go Daddy, customers are based in the United States, Europe and Asia, covering over 70000 square feet.


They use the N + 1 redundant UPS power supply and air conditioning, fire prevention and monitoring 24/7 on site.


The clients site hosting sites are saved incrementally at set intervals, alongside full backup on a less frequent. Go Daddy said that backups are stored away from the center of data in the event of a problem on the spot.


In terms of availability, Go Daddy offers a fairly standard guarantee of 99.9%. The company does not seem to publish free/busy data on their website.




Godaddy Hosting support


24/7 customer support claims to offer GoDaddy


Go Daddy has 500 developers working internally and 3300 employees. Their Helpline is open 24/7, every day of the year. Technical support is available by phone (in the United Kingdom, the telephone number is 0207 rather than a premium rate number or number) and also via email. Local numbers are available for Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and – of course – United States, although they have all the way through the same staff. Live chat are not provided.


Customers have their busy forums and groups that act as a key element of the technical assistance service. Go Daddy also hosts several blogs on the site. Ideashare is a box for suggestions of new features and updates.


Concierge hosting is an option of additional support that is designed to get you up and running quickly websites. For the first 30 days, the hosting is free Hosting website Concierge and cloud hosting plans. dedicated server customers can choose assisted service or hosting plans for extra support (surcharge).




Godaddy Hosting Control Panel


Go Daddy provides its own custom control panel that gives users a plethora of customization and configuration. Rather than being run by a separate connection, the Control Panel is part of the main site Go Daddy.


Users can control their domains and hosting plans to varying degrees through the Control Panel, on the basis of what they have signed up for. The screens are aggregates and absolutely Pisa with information, links and hidden menus (a bit like the main site GoDaddy), so it takes some time getting used to the layout.



Godaddy Hosting Extras


If you choose the plan of Site Builder, you receive free pictures, $ 100 in Google Adwords, Bing and Yahoo! credits, $ 50 for £ 32 for advertising on Facebook and 10 credits Fotalia.


Customers on the website to GoDaddy Hosting (shared hosting) and VPS plans get £ 32 Facebook advertising credits and 10 credits. Customers with dedicated servers plans also get Adwords and Bing/Yahoo credits. dedicated servers and VPS customers receive a free SSL certificate.


Hosting customers benefit from access to a range of cloud server images.


One-click installation available through hosting connection, their library of scripts and applications of 4.1 million Go Daddy.


All the usual suspects are included: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Zen Cart, e-commerce, social networking tools, and more.


Go Daddy also provides templates for WordPress directly through hosting connection.




Godaddy Hosting money back guarantee/cancellation Policy


Godaddy hosting service allows you to cancel your plan at any time during the contract and gives you a full refund of 45 days on everything, but buying domain name for one year after registration, you are charged if you cancel during the year.




Godaddy Hosting Safety


The security of the site is available in various forms, such as SSL and SSH, which are two features Host only offers its hosting shared input.


The host also saves the servers and backups are available to you in case of problems-you just have to call tech support to have access to them



Godaddy Hosting's summary



Go Daddy focuses on selling domain names. Obviously this is their basic business model. Although they offer a multitude of Web hosting plans, they are not so obvious on the site and are not particularly competitive. Also, I had to really dig deep and navigate through multiple pages to get all the information that I needed.


It wasn't that expensive programs that don't impressed me. Go Daddy Site Builder-the cheapest hosting plan-struck me as an invalid value.


The cost is about the same as the shared plan of low cost of hosting; the only difference is that Go Daddy takes all the technical jargon and simply focus on getting the user online.


With a limit of 5 pages on the lower price range, it seems silly to spend money when you can easily build a good site from WordPress or template elsewhere on site for free.


If you want to keep your management domain and hosting in one place, Go Daddy will probably cut a deal, and their massive capacity is not to be despised.



As we all know the Gadoddy is the best provider of domain, Godaddy promoed their hosting service very very fine for two years, therefore, we believe that Gadoddy will become the best hosting provider!





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