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Gator Host Introduction


Gator Host LLC claims to be the leading global provider of Web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated services of shared web hosting. Private company based in Houston, Texas, the company was founded in 2002 by current President and CEO Brent Oxley, who started the company from his student at Florida Atlantic University Room.


Since then, HostGator has grown from a small hosting company with just three servers into a world leading and industry recognized hosting provider with more than 12000 servers under management.


According to their site, Gator Host hosts over 2 million domains that make up about 2% of global Internet traffic.




Gator Hosting plans


Overall, Gator Host servers on shared, VPS, and reseller plans run Linux (CentOS Linux plans is specified). As for dedicated servers, users can choose Linux or Windows. Windows servers are running Windows Server 2008 R2 at the time of writing this review.

Covers three shared hosting plans.


The simplest plan, hatch, is a set of domain-a domain with no Add-ons and no anonymous FTP, but it would be good for a blog hosting. For multiple domains, users must spend per child or business.


Basic hosting plans are generally good, with some omissions. Offspring's plan provides unlimited bandwidth, disk space, email accounts and MySQL databases, but is allowed to run a URL for each account. This, of course, the changes that you are updating. Also, it is not possible to Park domain names.


For anonymous FTP, you will only make the business package. Dedicated IP also aren't available in its offspring. The child, they are accused, and on businesses, they are free. Business also includes private SSL (the others are shared) and a toll-free number to use as you please.


This is really useful for us customers, or those who sell primarily to customers in the United States, although the number can be expanded to serve Canada at an additional cost.


Shared hosting is the specialty of GatorHost, but also offer some other options.


Reseller hosting is divided into five floors depending on the disk space, bandwidth and domains that are needed. Other than that, available on each floor is more or less the same.


VPS hosting is divided into nine floors. Still, you must refine your requirements using the interactive chart to calculate the monthly fee applicable.


Dedicated servers are priced depending on the resources that you need. The price is the same for Windows and Linux hosting hosting, but the software is obviously different depending on your operating system.


If you want to run Java, you will need a VPS or a dedicated floor, but Python is installed on all servers.


Gator Host does not currently provide cloud.


Gator Hosting plan you may be interested to note the following characteristics of Host Gator Web hosting service that could help you make a decision:


Green by Gator Host hosting Gator Host Linux Web hosting plans (unlimited, reseller, VPS, dedicated) are powered by cPanel control panel and Web (Windows, VPS, Windows hosting plans dedicated hosting) are powered by Plesk Control Panel Web hosting.


Gator hosting plans include a free site builder and SiteStudio website building tools as well as very 4500 free website templates


Gator Host meets all of the Better Business Bureau and BBB OnLine participation


Gator Host offers eco-friendly green web hosting services



Gator Host Uptime/Downtime


Gator Host rent their space from planet Datacenter, using four of their facilities in Texas. Backup ups power supply, fire detection and constant monitoring of the onsite staff keep their 12000 server safe and secure.


They use 10 different fibers, including equipment suppliers of Time Warner and AT & t. They currently offer 99.9% uptime guarantee (although publish statistics) and offer an RSS feed for updates to the service of the State.


All accounts (with the exception of dedicated servers) are backed up on a weekly basis. If you need to restore a backup, Gator Host charges $ 15, if you do not provide the backup files themselves, in which case it is free.


Gator Host host more than 8 million domains, and they are quite open about the staff, resources and services. They also have a large number of senior partner: Cisco, at&t, are just a few of the recognizable names on the list. In particular, they are not oversold, so the capacity you have given is the ability that you get in reality. The exception is on a VPS or a dedicated server where you are free to overselling at your own risk.



Gator Host support


Gator Host is a Web hosting service that is relatively easy to use, although it requires that you spend the time to learn your way. its functions are not intuitive, and it might take a few minutes to learn how to navigate its interface. It is a similar story with the support of the service; All right, but there is room for improvement in the final.


Gator Hosting Web site, you can read FAQ, tutorial videos and browse forum users. You can also contact the company for technical support by email, live chat or toll free phone.


While we believe that the company cleverly creates a balance between good documentation and the effective contact methods, would certainly benefit from better response time; Often we waited over 30 minutes for them to respond to our requests for live chat, which is the longest we had to wait for any provider, we examined.



Gator Host Control Panel


All Linux Gator Host plans come with Cpanel 11 standard, and users get a variety of themes to choose from. CPanel provides access to all the features you need, including webmail, click backup and DNS settings to Google Apps.


Reseller accounts are also provisioned with Cpanel and WHM. Both Cpanel & WHM are optional on VPS and dedicated hosting plans


Gator Host Linux server. On a Windows dedicated server, Plesk 11. x is included in the price.


Gator Host VPS plans also provides Virtuozzo, a set of administrators for the server itself.


All guests have access to a separate invoice to arrange payment and download invoices.



Gator Hosting Extras


Shared work plan Gator Hosting includes a free hotline for callers US. As an option, can be extended to Canadian customers a fee for each call. If you cancel your hosting plan, you lose the number, at least that will contact Gator Host before taking him to a paid service. You will also need to receive at least one phone call per month to keep the line active.


Most packages are shipped with SiteBuilder, SiteStudio, Fantastico (a variety of php scripts), osCommerce, WordPress, Joomla, get a click and a multitude of statistics packages able. On dedicated servers, you can allocate your accounts and individual models of SiteBuilder to your customers.


Gator Host also offers $ 100 Adwords credit on all shared hosting plans, and resellers receive a complimentary upgrade to an eNom domain reseller account. This requires manual set up, but it's a quick and painless process that takes a few minutes.


Customers that subscribe to a shared package also will receive a free domain name for one year, free coupons to advertising on Google Adwords and Facebook, a free SEO report and a list of yellow pages.


There is also an affiliate offering a cash payment for each generous scheme of reference. In 2015, the Affiliate scheme paid $ 5 million.



Gator Hosting money back guarantee/cancellation Policy


You can cancel the dealer shared or VPS hosting plan within 45 days and receive a full refund. Dedicated servers are not eligible. The costs incurred, as admin and setup fee or domain name purchases are non-refundable.


Cancellation requests must be sent through a special online form. Your account will be canceled within 48 hours. If you want to request a refund, you must meet the cancellation email and ask--is not automatic. Refunds are sent via credit card or PayPal.


Money back guarantee are slightly above average; GatorHost allows 45 days get your monthly hosting fee back, minus the single cost of the domain. You can cancel the contract at any time, but it won't be for the month that you cancel after the warranty period for your money.




Gator Hosting Safety


You don't have to worry about spam because Gator Host includes Spam Assassin in each of its packages, a powerful spam protection that effectively keeps spam out of your Inbox junk.


This shared host does not offer a dedicated IP or private SSL at this level, but only provides a shared SSL. It is a lower form of protection but still encrypted private transactions such as credit card information.



Gator Hosting's summary



Gator Host proudly claim to be environmentally friendly. They compensate for their emissions, and they also use the 130% wind energy through renewable energy credits (RECs). Taking into consideration the company's claim that more than 1% of worldwide Internet traffic flows between the 12000 server from Gator Host, which is certainly a great success.


While the price of Gator Host is similar to other shared hosting providers, their plans are extremely comprehensive and scalable, making it easy to buy a small share plan and upgrade to a higher-spec shared hosting, VPS, or dedicated server package time if you need.


Gator Host also put emphasis on the assistance of the user and it is rare to find such a hosting company that offers a great easily effective live chat, email and over the phone for free. The added extras, such as eNom affiliate account and make it a great choice for a new company that seeks to develop or mark white.


Overall, they offer a characteristic rounded up for a good price, with a multitude of additional features to keep you happy loyal customers.






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