Fatcow Hosting Reviews



Fatcow Hosting Introduction


FatCow focuses on individuals and small businesses and claims to offer some of the best web hosting provider in the industry. Base in 1998, the company seems to use more customer-friendly approach ", which is to do much more to meet your needs. And that's probably one reason why FatCow Web hosting is included in numerous 10 best Web hosting lists through the web.


FatCow team providing a service and a simple, good and valuable that is easy to own and use. They offer a hosting plan that is perfect for those who start their own business or to find a placeholder for some areas.


FatCow is a green Web Host which means their data centers and offices are powered by wind energy. The company has renewable energy certificates (RECs), or green labels that represent the benefits of wind energy for the environment.




Fatcow Hosting plans


The two shared hosting by FatCow plans run Linux on a server farm by using the Apache server software. The company offers shared hosting and VPS, dedicated hosting or makes no mention of the cloud. Provides options for partnerships for retailers and the prizes for customers who sign up.


The hosting plan of Squillace offers a low cost, single page, your email account only solution to start on the web while the original plan of FatCow gives you the ability to go much further with your site. Even if it gives you ' oodles ' unspecified space and bandwidth, customers may be asked to reduce their consumption if they exceed the normal level of resources, namely if they use their own accounts for storing and sharing files. The original plan of FatCow entitles you to unlimited domains and unlimited email accounts.


FatCow has a transfer of logging tool that allows you to automatically transfer your existing domain name. The technical team will manually for you if necessary.


The hosting service for this Pack is almost perfect. We say nearly because the plan offers virtually all the features, but it doesn't have the flexibility of its competitors.


The original plan of FatCow is easily comparable to most other mid-range companies share hosting plans. Instead of using the term "unlimited" standard for each of its offerings, using "oodles." Similar wandering in that sense, this Web host has bunch of domains and subdomains under a single account.


You also get unlimited disk space, custom messaging and MySQL database to your account. Curiously, you can not book or areas of the Park.




Fatcow Hosting Uptime/Downtime


FatCow not publish their statistics availability or downtime and makes no guarantee of availability. However, the data center unites around the clock management with personnel systems on site and each server is consolidated with each other, which means that if one goes down, another takes over. These servers are also backed up on another set of servers to ensure that no data is lost.


The data center is located in Boston in the United States and provides half a Petabyte of storage space on more than 800 server. The servers are protected by firewall 2 and the data center is monitored 24 hours a day by security personnel, 7 days a week.


If you want your site to be automatically saved, you can purchase a backup package that gives you daily backups and a backup and restore tool. Otherwise, you'll have to make your backups as and when you need it.




Fatcow Hosting support


The FatCow site provides a number of support structures, including a base of knowledge, education and exercises. The company also offers 24/7 telephone, email and live chat, which are free of charge. However, if you are looking for help from others, there is no clear forum or message board.


It doesn't seem to be a wiki FatCow's, they seem to be ready for customers to go directly to their service support with problems or complaints. It is not known where the support services and if they are outsourced or part of the company.


There's a blog of FatCow, but at the time of this writing, the last entry was almost six months old. FatCow's Facebook page is slightly more active, as well as their Twitter accounts.


FatCow HeiferCratic oath "has included a ' unique to offer positive support experience. If the oath is broken, the company will assign a credit account is worth a month of hosting. Is a nice touch and it fits well with their lightweight approach.




Fatcow Hosting Control Panel


FatCow provides its own custom control panel purposes the Administration site. When you log into the Control Panel, you will notice that it is a place as near as smooth as Cpanel. However, it did not appear to be quite simple to use and is customizable to a point.


FatCow also provides a video tutorial on hand for their control panel, and is available to customers before you consider buying a hosting plan. If you're not a custom panel, take a look. On a side note, it is not known whether you can run cron job using the control panel.


The Web hosting service offers advanced enough features to appeal to beginners and advanced users. The service integrates Google Custom Search, which allows you to search the website.


You can also get webmaster tools, which will provide you with the right features to manage your website. Web hosting also supports WordPress, Gallery2 and phpBB, transforms your website into a blog or add message boards and photo galleries.




Fatcow Hosting Extras


To attract customers, FatCow will give new users of Google Adwords credit of $ 100, $ 25 Yahoo!/Bing search marketing credit and a credit of $ 50 Facebook advertising. You can also earn more credits through orientation and affiliate programs.


Site tools include a drag-and-drop web site, web analytics, FrontPage extensions, FTP access and personalized search tools Google webmaster. There are a number of applications available in one-click installation including Wordpress, Joomla, phpBB and Gbook. Shared SSL, PayPal shopping cart are also integrated into the site, as well as other online payment options.


For a surcharge, FatCow offers a wide range of bolted like Facebook and premium support, SEO services, web site design and more.




Fatcow Hosting money back guarantee/cancellation Policy


To cancel your subscription to FatCow, you must provide written notice of 30 days and will result in a termination fee of $ 35.


There is a money back guarantee if you cancel within 30 days of the signing, although it does not include any reimbursement for costs of domain registration and additional services you have purchased.


If you received a free domain name, they deduct the cost of the refund unless you want to keep it.




Fatcow Hosting Safety


FatCow security functions are built for the purpose of retail sale. In fact, this program allows you to use the ShopSite Online Store and integrate PayPal.


To make customers feel safe, your site has shared access to SSL, which encrypts transactions on specific pages.




Fatcow Hosting's summary



Overall, FatCow compared favourably by many other Web hosting companies out there on the cost shared. Has a simple structure and competitive pricing that novices can appreciate. His main goal seems to be to small and medium-sized enterprises in line with the right kind of support that makes this service ideal for beginners on the Internet.


The structure of the construction site and simple and effective support is aimed at those who have little experience of building a website, and the ability to install Wordpress and other applications make it versatile enough to attract customers.


Most importantly, additional services allow customers to tailor their services and support the needs depending on their terms. For example, many companies may have little SEO experience; the purchase of the capabilities of this service will be useful to help their site in competition in the search engines.


However, this approach to the bare bones, a service exclusively shared with no apparent option to upgrade to VPS, dedicated hosting or cloud-as well as potential limitations on deposit--can put businesses out.





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