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Arvixe Hosting Introduction


Arvixe was found in 2003 and they suggested that their mission was to provide an excellent service at a low price. 15 years later still going strong and Arvixe argues that providing support to its customers to earn prices.


Arvixe provides both Linux hosting (PHP, MySQL) and Windows Web hosting (ASP.NET, MSSQL) plans ranging from shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers and reseller hosting, and so be sure that their customers are able to find good hosting plan for their site.


Arvixe also indicates each of their Web hosting plans comes with easy install scripts and allows you to choose where the site is hosted, or in one of their data centers in the United States, in Europe or in Singapore.


Arvixe claims that they are expanding their footprint to provide faster and better service to their customers, and then all their data centers using the latest technology and provide their customer's peace of mind with redundancy and offsite backups.


Arvixe CenterArvixe data is that their servers are the best technicians in the field and stay constantly updated on the latest technologies and trends that help to improve their services further.


At the time of publication of this Arvixe hosting review maintain multiple data centers in the following locations:

United States-2 main data centers in the United States uses Arvixe, one in Dallas, Texas and the other in Chicago, he. According to its customers unrivaled speed that offers that Arvixe so redundency for added security.


Europe-Netherlands Arvixe datacenter in Amsterdam, aims to provide its customers with the best rates in Europe. This data center is also connected back two data centers in the United States for redundency and ease of access.


Singapore-Arvixe also provides support on the Asian market with the launch of their data center in Singapore in mid-2014.




Arvixe Hosting plans


Arvixe offers only two planes as part of its structure of shared database server, PersonalClass and PersonalClass Pro plan. The only difference is the number of domains that you can host.


Arvixe offers both Linux (CentOS) and ASP.Net (Windows) for housing for all their hosting plans. While they provide shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting yet they don't offer a cloud hosting service.


Arvixe hosting plans are divided into five classes, commercial vendors, personal, VPS and dedicated.


The PersonalClass plan is hosting at competitive prices. Customers can choose the Linux hosting or Windows hosting that little extra to pay. These plans offer unlimited disk space, bandwidth, unlimited domains and up to 6. Windows hosting plan includes up to 6 dedicated application pool. Personal projects can also be upgraded to a Pro version, which allows for unlimited websites (and Windows unlimited hosting dedicated pool).


PersonalClass Arvixe plan allows you to host 6 domains on one account. This number may seem small, but it is considerably better than standard domain account of many competitors.


The Businessclass plans are similar to shared hosting plans PersonalClass, but include a dedicated IP address. The servers are configured to contain fewer users on each server and therefore increase the reliability and availability.


Arvixe offers ResellerClass of plans based on the amount of disk space and bandwidth you need. Once again, you can choose between Windows and Linux hosting and get up to 200 GB of disk space, 2000 GB bandwidth, and unlimited domains.


The VPSClass Linux hosting plan offers 40 GB disk space with unlimited bandwidth, 1024 MB of dedicated memory, 2 carrots and 2 IP addresses. You can upgrade to the pro version to get 80 GB hard disk space, 2048 MB of dedicated memory, 4 cores and up to 5 IP addresses.


VPSClass Windows hosting plan comes with 40 GB of disk space with unlimited bandwidth, 1536 MB dedicated memory, 2 core and 2 IP addresses, which can be upgraded to 80 GB of disk space, 3072 MB of dedicated memory, 4 hearts and 5 IP addresses.


The DedicatedClass of hosting begins with a choice of single or multi-processor server. Every plan can then be customized based on your individual needs.


While the number of shared hosting plans is limited, you can still update your plan through plans for VPS or dedicated if requirements change. You can also buy your own servers with two processors.


Bandwidth and disk space are endless, which is virtually an industry standard. It is important to know that unlimited is not really unlimited. Arvixe did not give a specific number that strangle or shut down your site, but the company is clear that 99% of website owners will have no problem.


The company also allows unlimited MySQL databases and subdomains, allowing you to extend your URL to an unlimited number of pages.parking areas can be very important if you have URLs that you intend to develop, but we are not going to monetize yet. Even the six domains that you can host on your account, this Web hosting allows you to park up to six domains on a single account for the purpose of resale or throw.


Arvixe offers you unlimited POP3 and IMAP account with at e-mail addresses. Essentially, this gives you the ability to create a custom email address that brings legitimacy to your site, but is also an automatic tote.


Since nothing sent an e-mail with an address will come to you, you will always get presents an email in your Inbox, even if someone Misspells or do not know your specific e-mail address.




Arvixe Hosting Uptime/Downtime


Like many other Web hosting companies, Arvixe offers a 99.9% uptime, site and you plan to repay if the warranty is broken in a given month. Also offers a guarantee of 100% availability for servers with prorated refund for any disruption.


Arvixe data centers are located in Dallas and Houston. Each has a fully redundant power supply with generators of relief and a power inverter control system. Data centers are monitored 24/7/365 network operations center with advanced monitoring systems. Two datacenters have certification statement of Auditing Standard No. 70 type II.


The server is backed up daily and weekly for accounts PersonalClass and ResellerClass. Counts of BusinessClass and EcommerceClass, they are backed up hourly, daily and weekly. Backups are mainly Arvixe if a server is down. Arvixe advises customers to make regular backups of your data, but backups are made available to customers as possible.




Arvixe Hosting support


This service is one of our most senior in terms of service. It offers 24/7 telephone standard, as might be expected. The site also lead you to a cPanel Arvixe and of support options, from ticketing, video tutorials and user forums.


In our experience with Arvixe, society was generally rapid timing for support, but we noticed that response times may vary considerably. For example, during peak hours, we waited a few minutes waiting. Other times, we only had to wait a minute. We passed our average wait time for tech support on the chat, and it took 15 minutes on average.


If it is over the phone or chat, representatives gave informative answers. We do not feel compelled to buy an upper floor and experience helpful and accommodating.




Arvixe Hosting Control Panel


PersonalClass shared hosting plan focuses on putting your content online, and can also work almost hands free. As the registrant, there is very little you need to worry about; However, you have your hands on the control via the control panel.


Arvixe uses the industry standard cPanel, particularly the version 11.42. Nobody could accuse all the cPanel to be beautiful. In fact, it is built primarily for reasons of usefulness, not as an attractive interface.


At first glance, the control panel may be a bit overwhelming, and at first, you will find peut-heavy to navigate. If y

ou don't have first hand experience with web hosting or using cPanel, some time and research will probably be needed until you are comfortable and familiar with the service.


This version of the cPanel has everything you need to register and host a handful of sites. The part of the file of this web hosting manager program allows you to create, edit and delete the contents of your site without ever having to connect directly to your site.


Arvixe offers a range of both basic and advanced web hosting. Regarding the creation of your site, this service provides easy-to-use site of producers who are directly integrated into cPanel. The service also provides access to raw access logs, the latest version of phpMyAdmin and install apps with one click.


In fact, Arvixe offers access to an extensive library of script that includes Blogs, CMS and other applications that can be installed on your site with a single click.


There are many Web hosting services offer a script library, and access to one can help you easily create a unique and dynamic web site without having to code anything.


Once posted on your site, Arvixe provides site statistics that enable you to evaluate its performance. You can use the integrated software AWStats or Webalizer to monitor site statistics, ranging from monthly visitors to the site for the bounce rate, and you can also access first subdomain statistics and access the logs.


Access to this information is important because it can help to identify the areas of your site that may need improvement.




Arvixe Hosting Extras


Arvixe offers a free domain name for life when you sign up. Will continue to renew your domain name while you are still paying for web hosting. If you go to another hosting company, you begin to pay for the domain name and transfer it immediately if you wish.


Customers who have signed up for the Linux hosting get RVSiteBuilder, Fantastico and Softaculous script installers with a click. This support for Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails, SSI, Zend and more.


When you sign up, Arvixe will transfer your website for free. It also offers additional discounts for customers purchasing additional hosting accounts and a reduction for links between them from your website.


Finally, there is an affiliate program that offers rewards for successfully referring customers.




Arvixe Hosting money back guarantee/cancellation Policy


Arvixe offers 60 days warranty commendable, which is relatively generous web hosting. Refunds do not include the domain names, SSL, certificates dedicated servers and marketing account.


Customers can cancel their account by sending an email to the sales department.




Arvixe Hosting Safety


The feature out of competition and part of what makes this the best Web hosting service, free domain for life. Obviously, this is supposed to keep the subscription to the company as possible, but having to pay for your domain until you are a member is an added bonus.


It's really a win-win for you and the company. If you have a website with another provider, Arvixe will migrate the domain to the course for free.


When you use a shared server, the security of the site definitely takes a hit. boot tops not only offer the protection that the dedicated server box. However, only you will not be left vulnerable.


Arvixe makes good use of SSH, which allows you to access your account remotely after being authenticated by a two-step, password-protected connection. Arvixe also uses shared SSL, which adds security and encryption for all URLs that you have.




Arvixe Hosting's summary



Arvixe Web hosting services provides stellar, with floors and designed to meet a wide range of hosting needs. The service is not immediately easy and need some hands on the effort to become familiar with the operation.


Despite these shortcomings, the robust hosting plans feature all-inclusive and are one of the best companies in the field of Arvixe Web hosting services.


According to the site providing the complete range of Arvixe Web hosting services starting from domain registration, and low cost hosting plans with free areas of hosting Linux Web site builder and asp NET hosting and reseller hosting and hosting companies plans that could be interesting for Web designers and small businesses, as well as managed dedicated server or VPS hosting for large business customers and Web developers.





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